Day 1 With HempWorx CBD Oil

This is Day ONE (1) of my personal experience with Hempworx CBD Oil (500mg). This is also Day One experience for 6 other members of my own family. We will call ourselves Subjects A-G just for fun. 🙂

We each took one dropper full (10 mg) at approximately 8 pm on 9-7-17. We were all very excited to get started and this is our outcome so far.

Subject A is 21 years old and Female. She has been struggling with a terrible cold for the past 3-4 days. She has had a deep cough, very stuffy nose, and has felt bad in general. Only 2 hours later she sent me a text and it speaks for itself.—>

Brit convo_LIBrit convo 2_LI (2)

Subject B – 42 year old Female. She suffers from trouble falling asleep, severe arthritis in her right elbow that prevents her arm from extending all the way, carpal tunnel syndrome, lack of concentration, and a few other symptoms, on a daily basis for several years. Last night she noticed that she fell asleep much quicker than normal and had dreams for the first time in so long she couldn’t remember. She woke up feeling rested and less foggy than normal. Her hands were not as swollen and were not hurting.

Subject C– No Report so far.

Subject D is a 17 year old Male. He suffers from Migraines, Hyperactivity, Lack of concentration, Pain in both knees (from athletics (dancer) and Osgood-Schlatter), pretty severe anger and frustration issues, and he also has a history of being very hard to wake up for school and other activities. He reported that he woke up ON HIS OWN when his very first alarm went off this morning and left for school in plenty of time. He said his attitude was much better and he felt more calm.

Subject E is a 54 year old disabled male with Chronic pain and who is currently in Heart Failure. He takes several medications for his conditions daily. He has been on opiate pain medications for YEARS. He usually takes his pain medication like clockwork but on day 1 with Hempworx CBD 500, he only took one pill for pain in the morning and one before bed. He went ALL day without any other pain meds. This is a MAJOR DEAL for this particular subject. He also said that he slept great.

Subject F is  a 73 year old female. She suffers from type 1 diabetes, Numbness ( for several months now) in her feet, High Blood Pressure,   polymyalgia , and trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. She takes PM medicine every single night ( for years) to help her fall asleep and still does not always sleep all night. She also takes Blood pressure meds, diabetes meds, and steroids for the horrible pain in her arms and shoulders. She hurts every morning and struggles to get out of bed on most days. Last night she skipped the PM meds and she hasn’t had the steroid since yesterday morning. She did have some cold symptoms last night and they were still present this morning. However, she fell asleep easily and slept all night, she was not in pain this morning as she usually is, and she feels pretty good other than her cough.

Subject G– No Report so far.


I will update Day One if anyone else mentions an improvement or otherwise.


RRoberts 9/8/17






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